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  • Emotional Toyota

    Apr 20, 2012, 08:46
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    Toyota Company develops a safety system able to identify emotional state of the driver and adjust additional electronics accordingly.

    This system is going to determine driver's state of mind with the use of a special camera, reading facial gesture's change by 238 points. According to Toyota representatives, this new system will come into action even if there are glasses or beard on driver's face.

    All of the vehicle's electronic assistants are going to be regulated depending on driver's state of mind. For example, if a driver is in an angry or bad mood, safety system will warn him of potential danger (for example – a child, suddenly running across the road or vehicle, jamming on the brakes) much earlier than when the driver is in a good state of mind.

    It is not known yet when this system is going to appear on production vehicles. According to Toyota, some details of it will be available within nearest several years, some – a little earlier. Research itself is going to be over in two of three years.

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