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  • European beaches water quality: safe and clean?

    Jun 04, 2012, 09:30
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    How pure is water at the European resorts? Tourists and residents of Europe choose an active rest at the sea, so it is necessary to constantly check the water quality.

    Tourist destinations across Europe must submit its water quality analyses for the evaluation to the European Environment Agency (EEA). Agency submits its yearly report for the public to view.

    In 2011 the agency has prepared reports from more than 22,000 swimming destinations and decided whether the water is safe for use. So, what are the results?

    The quality of water in Croatia, Greece, Malta and Cyprus is high and absolutely safe for swimming. According to 90% of all the locals, the water is of excellent quality here and very much safe for bathing. Spain, Italy and Portugal have more than 80% of beaches considered safe for the rest.

    The situation is worse in Bulgaria, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Latvia. The EEA reports that a low proportion of these destinations has sadly not met quality standards, especially concerning inland waters.

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