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  • Famous La Tomatina festival starts soon

    Aug 21, 2012, 10:47
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    The biggest world's Tomato Battle known as the La Tomatina Festival takes place in the town of Buñol in Spain located 38 km from Valencia every year on the last Wednesday of August.

    And this year won't be an exception: the tomato fight is going to be held on 29th of August and up to 40 thousand people will take part in it.

    Tourists aspire to Buñol to this event from all over the world. This town with a population of 9 thousand people can't accommodate all who wants to stay overnight, that's why travelers stay in Valencia and go to tomato battle by bus, train or a car.

    La Tomatina was first held in Buñol in 1940's. It started with a usual street fight that happened on Wednesday in August 1945. Its participants started throwing tomatoes taken from the nearest counters into each other and the fight ended only when police interfered and broke up fighters. A year later young people met again on the same spot but this time they brought tomatoes along.

    Nowadays there are more than 100 tons of overripe tomatoes being prepared for the world's largest food battle. The participants and spectators will be covered with tomato juice head-to-toe. The owners of local shops shut their showcases with plastic covers before the festival in order to protect it from tomato slush. The week-long festival features parades, musical shows, dancing and fireworks. And the night before the tomato fight participants of the festival compete in paella cooking.

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