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  • Famous sports car is now available for hire

    Apr 02, 2012, 08:25
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    This vehicle, fitted with 3.8L 600hp McLaren M838T V8 engine and seven-gear transmission SSG with dual clutch, accelerates up to more than 200mph.

    The price of this vehicle's (that costs in Great Britain £212,000) one-day car rental is £1,134.30, but if supercar is rented for a long period, for example, for 28 days, Hertz (the company, that rents it out) lowers the price to £906.30 a day. But this rate is valid only if vehicle covers maximum 100 miles a day.

    Car rental price includes insurance, which is valid only in the United Kingdom, so renter won't have an opportunity to take this vehicle abroad and drive it, for example, on German autobahns. It is worth mentioning, that insurance does not include cover of possible damages received by the vehicle during the rental. Even simple scratch on the supercar's body will cost its renter £5000.

    However, Hertz provides car rental of other sports cars as well, including Ferrari 458 Italia for about £826.50 a day, Ferrari F430 Spyder (£507.30 a day) and Aston Martin DB9 (£450.30 a day).

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