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  • The fastest highway in the USA is open in Texas

    Oct 25, 2012, 10:38
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    Texas authorities have opened a highway on Wednesday between Austin and Seguin with the maximum speed of 85 mph. As a result, this 40 miles long road became fastest in the USA.

    Representatives of the company laying this road are sure of its complete safety. According to them, it was specifically developed taking into account the new speed limit. As Texas Department of Transportation mentioned, such a high limit on this part of the road is caused by the necessity to lessen the load of other roads between Austin and San Antonio – two largest cities in Texas.

    Local residents are pretty excited about this highway. According to them, it was a very good idea, because a lot of drivers exceed a fixed limit anyway.

    As developers of this project consider, one of the reasons to increase the speed limit is a technological progress: vehicles become more high powered and safe, that's why the speed limit is being gradually increased.

    The previous maximum speed limit on Texas roads was 80 mph. Equally high speed limit is set only in one of the USA states – Utah. On most of interstate highways in the USA it is allowed to accelerate only up to 75 mph.

    There is no highways in the USA with an unlimited speed as it is, for example, in Germany. There was a common 55 mph speed limit for a long period in the USA but in 1996 it was abolished and now authorities of every state set a speed limit in their state themselves.

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