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  • Florida received record number of tourists in 2011

    Feb 21, 2012, 09:09
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    According to recent research, number of tourists visited Florida in 2011, grew up to 4.4% and reached record-setting number of 85.9 million people.

    Previous record was set in 2007, when 84.5 million tourists visited this American state. Growth of inner tourist flow was not so rapid – only 3% comparing to 2010, while number of tourists from Canada grew up to 5.7% and tourists' from other continents interest grew up to 16.1%.

    According to preliminary data, only in fourth quarter of the last year about 2.5 million tourists from other continents visited Florida, which is 13.9% more than analogous rate year before. More than one million people worked in tourism sector last year, which also is not far from record level.

    Research showed, that Florida's tourism industry's income exceeded 62.7 billion USD. Every dollar, invested in marketing campaign, aimed to bring tourists into Florida, falls within 177 dollars, that spend there state's visitors.

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