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  • France is declared the most visited country in the world again

    Jul 10, 2013, 10:21
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    France confirmed its status of the most popular holiday destination in the world once again. According to the recent report of the French Ministry of Tourism, this European country has been visited by 83 mln foreign tourists. In that way, the last year's record of 81.4 mln guests was broken.

    As it is said in the report, numerous economical and political worries, affecting various parts of the world, unaffected tourism industry of France. By receiving 83 mln visitors, France has set a record and remained on the top position at the moment when so many new offers appear in this dynamic and emerging sector all over the world.

    According to the Ministry of Tourism, France's tourism industry is still based on the representatives of European and Asian countries. Following the results of the previous year, France was most visited by the citizens of Germany, while before that leader was the United Kingdom.

    The highest growth of the tourist flow is observed among representatives of such fast growing countries as China (23% tourists more compared to previous year) and Brazil (21% growth for the same period).

    It is noteworthy as well, that profit of the economy of France coming from tourist expenses during their stay in France, grew for the first time since 2008. This revenue is equal to 35.8 bln which is 6.3% more than in 2012.

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