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  • France repeals national illegal parking fine

    Jun 20, 2013, 14:51
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    The national fine for illegal parking set in France in amount of 17 is going to be repealed soon. Cities will gain the right to prescribe rates independently within their territory.

    The French Senate passed by a solid vote the repeal of a law setting the national amount of fine for illegal parking of the car. Starting from the 6th of June the government of every city has the right to set the fines by itself.

    According to representatives of Transport Organization, this decision is a wise move, because the rate of a parking hour is widely different in the capital and in the provinces. As a result, it is unfair to demand from the drivers in the country the same amount of fine as in metropolitan area. Besides, the parking space in the capital costs 20 cents an hour and in the provinces this amount reaches a maximum of 3 cents and only 10% of drivers pay for it. According to authorities, this fine sanction system is unadapted to a modern life.

    However, the only negative aspect of this reform are funds which will not be received by the government. When the fine was national, it received about a billion Euro, and in case the legislation will be changed, it may count only on € 50 million.

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