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  • France will likely forbid the use of hands-free fitting behind the wheel

    Jun 27, 2013, 08:44
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    National Road Safety Committee of France voted to forbid the use of mobile hands-free fitting behind the wheel. Up until recently it was advisory in nature, then as now it can likely be codified. National Committee has stated the text which will be given to the Ministry of Internal Affairs that will take a final decision.

    Authorities say that the use of a phone behind the wheel is a tremendous risk factor. The danger is primarily coming from the conversation partner of the driver, who is far from the moving vehicle and continues to carry on a conversation without realizing the danger faced by the driver on the road.

    Without having anything against phones placed by the drivers in a car on a special stand and their conversations via speaker phone, they flatly deny the use of an earphone. According to them, when the phone rings, drivers start to look for the earphone, when they put it in the ear, it often falls down and all this manipulations are made at full speed. The driver is quite often simply not observing the road trying to take an important call.

    The bill is currently under consideration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but according to preliminary data, 59% vote for full and complete forbidding of cell phone use behind the wheel, with earphones or without them.

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