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  • Google's robot cars will soon appear on the open roads

    May 11, 2012, 10:44
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    Google Company is now officially licensed to test its self-driving vehicles on the open roads. But for now – only within the territory of the State of Nevada, which Vehicle Registration Service gave an appropriate license to it.

    There are green number plates on all the State's vehicles usually, but Google's cars will get number plates of the special series – red ones with the infinity symbol, letters and three figures starting from 001.

    Google's robot cars are built based on Toyota Prius hybrid cars. They are able to drive on their own without the participation of a driver. Computer system of the robot car builds a virtual three-dimensional model of the world around, receiving an information on surrounding objects and road situation thanks to a radar on the roof, laser sensors, video cameras and GPS system. Self-driving car is able to lay the route on its own and detect all stationary and moving objects around it, including pedestrians and cyclists.

    According to the laws of Nevada, there should be two people in a car during the tests: one of them will monitor the computer system and another one will be behind the wheel to take control if something goes wrong with the system.

    Google introduced its self-driving car in October 2010. The company has already tested these vehicles on the open roads. And Nevada became the first state to adopt a law on self-driving cars legalization. Similar laws in other states, including California, are being under consideration for now.

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