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  • Highway pass's price in Switzerland raises twice

    Mar 12, 2013, 11:55
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    After arguing for a month, both Switzerland's Houses of Parliament have finally arranged differences and came to a decision to increase the transport tax and price of road tolls. However, it won't come into effect until 2015.

    In accordance with their decision, the price of yearlong road toll will be increased up to 100 Swiss francs instead of current 40 francs, meaning that the tax will be raised by 150% at once. But it still will be possible to buy a two-months long vignette for 40 francs as well – it will be meant for tourists going to Switzerland for short while.

    According to the statement of Switzerland's Department of Transportation, such an increase in price is necessary in order to repair old roads and construct new ones. And it is impossible to carry out road projects planned for the next 10-15 years without increasing the tax up to 100 francs, because the quality of roads can't be improved free of charge.

    Swiss Tourism Federation in its turn states that it was opposed to such a price rise, but it is satisfied with a compromised settlement bringing the short-term vignette into force. In case tourists would have to pay the full price for the short-term use of highways, it would certainly affect the local tourism industry.

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