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  • How cost-effective electric-cars really are?

    Apr 18, 2012, 09:28
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    As it turned out, it is rather advantageous to be an owner of the electric car, for example – Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf. These cars save to its owners up to $1 200 per year comparing to more traditional vehicles, including compact city cars with petrol engine.

    Such a conclusions has revealed in its report Union of Concerned Scientists, nonprofit science group based in the United States. As a basic data they took $3.5 for 1 gallon of fuel. Currently 1 gallon of fuel costs in USA $ 3.91 at average.

    According to the results of the research, covering 11 thousand miles a year owner of the electric car saves from $ 750 to $ 1 200 a year. Researchers used average compact car with a 9L/100 km fuel consumption rate to compare the results.

    In scientists' opinion, electric car market arises yet and price of these vehicles is high currently, so it is important for consumers to know, how much money could they save, using electricity instead of petrol.

    Another electric vehicle – Ford Focus – is going to appear at the USA car market this year. Famous car maker announced cost of its new vehicle recently – $ 39 995. US government is ready to compensate $ 7 500 to eco-friendly cars' buyers. In that way, Ford Focus electric vehicle is going to cost about $ 33 000. Its nearest competitor – Nissan Leaf – costs $ 35 200. By the way, petrol version of Focus with standard features costs $ 16 500.

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