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  • How quickly electric car pays its way

    Nov 13, 2012, 11:05
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    According to marketing firm J.D. Power Associates experts, battery manufacturers must be more initiative to raise popularity of green cars. At today's prices, electric car pays its way in about six and a half years.

    Sales of electric and hybrid cars are growing very slowly so far. There had been sold 37,361 such cars in the USA since the start of this year, which is just 0,3% of the total new cars sales.

    Experts are sure that green transport won't develop faster until manufacturers cut down prices and potential customers will be sure that it is profitably to buy this car.

    Green cars are $10,000-16,000 more expensive in the USA than similar cars fitted with petrol engines. For example, standard Toyota Prius costs in the USA about $24 995 and the price of the same car with plug-in is $32,795.

    According to experts, who have taken into consideration difference in cost of petrol and electricity in the USA, the electric car pays its way in about 6.5 years (if the car cost difference is $10,000). If the electric car is $16,000 more expensive (in a premium segment), then fuel economy will pay its way only in 11 years.

    So as to price of the electric car would drop to the acceptable level, battery manufacturers need to make a technological breakthrough because the main reason why electric cars are so expensive is in batteries.

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