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  • Infiniti will be controlled by wire

    Oct 22, 2012, 07:35
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    Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan is going to fit some of Infiniti models with a steer-by-wire technology within a year.

    The core of the innovation is to eliminate the mechanical linking between steer and wheels in order to relieve the driver from the necessity to constantly correct the course of a car due to deflections caused by road inequalities, the change of its profile and a cross wind. According to Nissan specialists, wheel turns by wire even faster than with the help of traditional mechanical system. As one of the controllers will be used running from the traffic line checkout system being increasingly frequently fitted on vehicles. At the time the system is being tested on Infiniti G37S model.

    Developers promise that they will manage to solve one of the main problems of electronic systems being fitted instead of mechanical. Steer is used not only to drive a car but for the feedback as well. When passing to steer-by-wire the driver loses this important “sensor” and force feedback can't make up for it. Besides, in case of a system breakdown the driver loses possibility to drive a car directly which is against the law in some countries. But according to Nissan representatives, the driver won't be deprived of the feedback completely and will feel it on the steer when he drives on the slippery road.

    But steer-by-wire is not the only system being manufactured by Nissan at the time. There is an Autonomous Emergency Steering system among technologies that its cars may be fitted with in a year. It is now being tested on Nissan Leaf. With its help the car will avoid collisions with pedestrians independently from the driver orientating itself according to the data of radar's sensors and front camera and perceiving the situation on the road. When pedestrian appears, steering wheel automatically turns on and the car follows the preselected safe route.

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