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  • Interactive road sign is introduced in the US

    Jun 18, 2013, 10:43
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    There may such situations occur on the road, when there is a dozen of important locations on the road sign, except for the one you need most right now. But this problem may be solved thanks to a new device able to provide information on-request. However, it is available only for pedestrians so far.

    These road signs are made as LCD displays as opposed to common tablets made of metal and plastic. They provide the possibility to output names of thousands of locations and the distance to them instead of once and for all fixed information. According to the US company Breakfast Production, that carried out this project, this is a first road sign you may ask which way to go.

    And it is possible to do it with the use of a compact remote control based on another LCD display. In order to specify direction correctly, some of the road sign's segments can be turned round the pole. As the authors of an innovative element of a city infrastructure say, these road signs will be of use not only for the pedestrians. For example, they may specify the route in case of reconditioning work, road accidents or traffic jams on important highways.

    By the way, when the road sign is in between of specifying directions, it may broadcast breaking news as well. For example, to inform all concerned of the football game which is going on at the given moment.

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