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  • The list of Europe's most valuable monuments

    Aug 24, 2012, 11:02
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    It would seem that most famous European monuments are priceless but as it turned out, everything has its price these days.

    According to a recent research, based on the popularity among tourists and condition, the aggregate value of European places of interest is 700 billion. But cultural heritage is too important for the Europeans and there is no way they can sell their architectural monuments. Even if these money could solve serious financial problems of the region.

    So, the list of Europe's most valuable monuments is following:

    1. 1. The Eiffel Tower – € 434 billion at value.

      The first place in the list of most expensive monuments in Europe is taken by the Eiffel Tower. Its cost is almost equal to 25% of France GDP. It is worth mentioning, that after it was introduced at the World Expo, it supposed to be taken to pieces and destroyed.

    2. 2. Colosseum – € 91 billion at value.

      Of course, Colosseum is significantly cheaper than the Eiffel Tower, but it is still taking the second place. More than 4 million tourists come to Rome annually to see this unique gladiatorial amphitheatre.

    3. 3. La Sagrada Familia – € 90 billion at value.

      Third in the list is most famous Antonio Gaudi's work in Barcelona and one of the highest architectural monuments in Europe. In fact, its cost is equal to the sum borrowed by the Spanish government to refinance local banks.

    4. 4. The Duomo of Milan – € 90-82 billion at value.

      Milan's Gothic cathedral made of white marble is one of the most expensive monuments in Europe as well. Duomo, located at the center of the city, is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and the traditional symbol of Milan and can be characterized only with such words as colossal, stunning and magnificent.

    5. 5. The Tower of London – € 70.5 billion at value.

      The Royal Palace, fortress and prison playing a prominent role in the history of England and nowadays – the world famous and most favorable tourist attraction in London.

    6. 6. Museo del Prado, Madrid – € 60 billion at value.

      The Prado Museum is one of the largest and most important European Museums of Fine Arts. The most famous works of Bosch, Velázquez, Goya, Murillo and El Greco are housed there. Besides, the cost of paintings and sculptures was not taken into account during the research because in that way it would be impossible to estimate the overall cost of Museum.

    7. 7. Stonehenge – € 10.5 billion at value.

      This prehistoric monument composed of large standing stones and located at the center of England is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and more than million tourists come to visit it annually from all over the world.

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