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  • London became the best city in Europe

    Sep 05, 2013, 14:03
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    London considered to be the best city in Europe according to a recent large research. The capital of the United Kingdom easily managed to leave behind such great cities as Zurich, Paris and Berlin.

    People taking part in a research supposed to answer three questions: which city is best to live in, which one is best to visit and which one is best to run a business in. As a result, London was considered the best place for business, but Paris and Rome became the best cities for visiting. However, the capital of the UK is ranked high globally as well, being second in the list of best cities in the world giving way only to Paris.

    About 19,000 people from 24 countries were supposed to choose the best city from 48 world's main cities based on the same criteria. Only two cities managed to hit Top 5 in all categories – London and New York.

    The research was conducted by Ipsos MORI market research company and according to its results, the global winner became New York followed by London, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Sydney which is the most desired city among UK residents.

    New York was considered the best city to do business in, Zurich – the best to live in and Paris – the best to visit. Information on car rental in UK can be found here.

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