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  • Long-range road radars appeared in France

    Aug 27, 2012, 10:24
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    Road radars able to fix speed infringement at a distance of several kilometers are starting to be used in France. The first device was set over this weekend on one of the highways in Doubs department on the border of France and Switzerland.

    Operating principle of a new device being in fact a radar complex is very simple: one camera measures the speed of a car when it drives in to a radar's coverage area and second – when it drives out of it. Then an average speed of the car on a passed area is being calculated and if it is beyond the maximum permissible limit, then a driver receives fine. According to road police, radar's coverage area is two kilometers for now but if necessary it could be increased.

    The results of new devices are going to exceed all expectations. Just in one day of working in a test mode radar set in Doubs department fixed about 150 speed infringements which is 10 times above the standards of common stationary radars.

    As experts think, the rate of violations' detection remains the same, cost of a new radar's installation will be payed off very quickly, considering that minimum fine for a speed infringement in France is 45 outside the city and € 90 within the city limits.

    So called “tracking radars” had already proved their effectiveness in other European countries making it possible to significantly reduce the number of road accidents. Any time soon they will be set in other regions of France in addition to 2,190 stationary radars being already in use.

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