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  • The longest traffic jams in Europe are in Istanbul and Warsaw

    Oct 18, 2012, 14:46
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    The largest manufacturer of navigators and navigation systems TomTom company unveiled another rating of most traffic-loaded European cities. As it turned out, motorists in Istanbul and Warsaw suffer from traffic jams the most. The similar list has been made for North America as well.

    The researchers used data received from company's customers. Travel speed in the city was also taken into account – TomTom navigators broadcast this information automatically while devices are on service. The system does not broadcast personal data of car owner's and information about the car. Condition of local road network was also taken into account by the experts.

    So, the most traffic-loaded city in Europe is Istanbul – the largest city in Turkey. Common load of all the roads is 57% in this city – travel time comparing to free roads increases exactly by this value. During a morning rush hour this time increases by 84% and in the evening – by 125% at all.

    Istanbul is followed by Warsaw. The respective results for this city are following: 45%, 93% and 91%. The third in the list is Marseilles with 42%, 86% and 80% respectively.

    As for North America, the most traffic-loaded city there is Los-Angeles – the host-city of the upcoming motor show. The travel time comparing to free city roads is more by 34% at average. During a morning rush it is required to spend 55% more time on the road and in the evening – by 74%. Los-Angeles is followed by Vancouver (33%, 54% and 69%) and San Francisco – 29%, 49% and 68% respectively.

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