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  • Maybach provides record-breaking discount

    Apr 19, 2012, 12:42
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    Luxury brand Maybach, that was renewed in 2002 and is going to be liquidated in 2013, offers its customers to buy luxurious vehicles at the $ 100 000 discount.

    The reason for it is to try to attract buyers, that are not in a hurry to purchase these extremely expensive cars. Discount is valid for Maybach 57 and 62 sedans. Price of the 57 model drops from $ 370 000 to $ 279 000 (which is cheaper than Bentley Mulsanne) and the price of 62 model will start from $ 330 000, so discount is quarter of the price at average. In 2011 Maybach has sold 39 cars, which is significantly worse than in 2010, when there were 63 sold cars.

    According to Forbes, Daimler did not get any profit from the moment Maybach hit the market in 2002 – there were sold just 3 000 Maybach vehicles from that moment, so there is no reason to be surprised at this record-breaking discount. Besides, it emerged recently, that Daimler AG has lost $ 500 000 on each Maybach vehicle. It happened as a result of Daimler investment in Maybach development about $ 1.33 billion and building of special dealerships, day-and-night service system and customer support service as well.

    So it is no wonder, that there is going to be no Maybach starting from 2013 and its place will be taken by longest and high-powered S600 Pullman sedan.

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