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  • Mercedes has created an invisible car

    Mar 06, 2012, 15:59
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    It may seem like a miracle, but Mercedes engineers managed to create an invisible vehicle by pasting a car body from the driver's side with a mat from liquid crystal and placing from the other side a video camera, broadcasting an image on it.

    In that way Mercedes decided to reflect the idea of eco-friendly or in other words “invisible” for the environment vehicle.

    The prototype of this car is F-Cell, electric vehicle developed by Daimler AG. From the right side camera captures on video what's going on and from the driver's side image is painted on the screen in real time.

    The idea of using liquid crystal screen for “disappearing” is not unique, but nobody tried to make disappear the whole vehicle yet.

    Video, uploaded on YouTube, has gathered a lot of comments. And while some people write that “invisible” cars are unsafe, others hope to park anywhere for free.

    Mercedes Benz F-Cell is able to drive more than 320 km using 134hp electromotor. And despite this vehicle is almost invisible, they still have to work on wheels.

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