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  • The most profitable cars for resale are announced in the USA

    Nov 29, 2012, 09:57
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    The most profitable cars for resale in the USA are manufactured by Toyota, because they lose in value less than others when becoming older. The best result among premium brands demonstrates Lexus.

    Such a conclusion had been drawn based on the Kelley Blue Book company's rating after analyzing the sale statistics of the cars with 60 months of exploitation with a mileage of no more than 75 thousand miles. According to experts, any car after five years of exploitation loses 62.8% in value at average. As a result, the car bought for 50 thousand USD, five years later costs about 19.1 thousand USD on the after market. However some of the cars (the company does not specify which exactly) for the same period lose in value significantly less.

    According to a report, large set of extra options does not always positively affect the price for resale. Besides, the color and drive type are very important as well. For example, in the Southern United States the cars with a black body color are significantly cheaper on the after market, but in the Northern States more expensive are all-wheel drive models.

    The cars which saved its value the best way last year were Toyota and Lexus as well. The most profitable car for resale in 2010 was Subaru and BMW was the leader among premium brands.

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