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  • New way of searching a free parking space is invented in Britain

    Aug 08, 2012, 10:25
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    Sensors able to inform car drivers about location of the free parking spaces were for the first time ever tested in Britain.

    This system is made as a small sensory device with a glass dome built in at the center of every parking section. It can inform whether a car stays at the parking space, does not stay there or exceeds the time limit. Information from sensors is being collected and sent to drivers via cellular network and Wi-Fi to their mobile phones so they could drive up and take a free space.

    The “phone parking” service is paid for. When this system will be put in a commercial operation it will send drivers a warning on the expiration of the time paid for. In case if a driver won't collect his car in time, signal will be sent to authorities that will place a fine on a wind-screen of the car.

    Transport services are considering a possibility to let drivers make “parking pre-orders”, including parking for trucks waiting for the loading and buses setting down passengers. They also think of imposing various rates during the periods with different load level.

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