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  • Nissan developed an eco-friendly SUV

    Sep 13, 2012, 13:47
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    Nissan is ready to reveal a hydrogenous concept-SUV TeRRA at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It is fitted with an innovative all-wheel drive, unusual interior arrangement and differs with an original attitude between driver and vehicle.

    According to car manufacturers, while developing this car they focused on young Northern European customers' taste, who like to travel a lot and highly esteem mobility and modern technologies. Nissan TeRRA combines two Nissan strengths as an SUV and electric vehicles manufacturer being the one and only absolutely environmentally safe offroader in the world.

    It is fitted with three electric motors. One of them is located on the front axle and two others are set in the rear wheels being activated if necessary. TeRRA's dashboard is made as a tablet PC and can be taken out by the driver. This device can work as in multimedia center mode and as a car key as well.

    Air pollutant emission of the car is equal to zero because the only emission of the engine-unit generating electricity for electric engines during the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen is water.

    Interior of TeRRA is made of the light-coloured wood and acryl with metal inserts. Outstanding feature of the concept-SUV is a driver's seat located almost in the middle of a car.

    It is known that Nissan does not plan to put TeRRA into production – it is meant to demonstrate that company is ready for mass production of cars working on hydrogen fuel cells when this technology will become more widely used.

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