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  • Nissan vs blondes

    Oct 18, 2011, 11:50
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    Nissan has developed new safety system in order to reduce amount of accidents on the roads. This system is already informally named “anti-blonde”. It can automatically control space all around vehicle and won't let driver accidentally mix up gas and brake pedals.

    New system, named Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication, understands location of a car. And if there are a lot of cars around it (in a parking lot, for example), electronics blocks all abrupt gas pedal pressings. When a car dangerously approaches to some barrier, system automatically activates brakes.

    Also there are rear view cameras. Thanks to them, driver can see the road from all sides. Also this system inform driver about car presence in blind zone. Another system looks for every possible danger. For example, a man, which hides behind cars, but can accidentally appear on the road. And system of up ahead going cars control follows several cars at once and helps react quicker on possible danger and elude massive accidents.

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