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  • Nissan will introduce 15 hybrid cars in four years

    Dec 17, 2012, 09:57
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    Nissan is going to launch production of 15 hybrid models and enlarge electric cars' range up to 2016. According to its executives, these cars will help Japanese car manufacturer cut the emission and average fuel consumption by 20% up to 2020.

    It is not known yet which models exactly will be fitted with a hybrid drive and what its configuration will be. In years to come the company plans to update an all-electric Nissan Leaf, launch the electric version of NV200 Compact Van and create electric car Infiniti, built in the manner of LE Concept introduced in this year's April. It will be fitted with modernized engine unit of Nissan Leaf hatchback. Electric Infiniti will be notable for rechargeable lithium-ion cells with increased capacity and sophisticated battery charging system which charges the car completely 50% faster than Leaf.

    Nissan announced its new hybrid engine unit in autumn last year. It consists of 2.5L petrol engine with a mechanical blower, variable-speed gear and lithium ion battery package. Aggregate capacity of such a unit is equal to effectiveness of 3.5L standard internal combustion engine, however hybrid is more fuel-efficient.

    Nissan does not have any hybrid model at the moment, petrol-electric motor unit is used only at Infiniti M35h sedan. Hybrid version of Altima model has been provided by Nissan in the USA earlier on, but the company gave up on it while making an alternation of generations because of using Toyota technologies on it.

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