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  • No Internet behind the wheel in Norway

    Jan 02, 2013, 10:35
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    The use of Facebook and other social networks behind the wheel will be completely put under a ban in Norway. According to the results of a recent research, one in ten Norwegians uses social networks while driving a car.

    As experts say, when you drive at the speed of 80 kph, the car covers distance of 22 meters just in a second. But a lot of drivers manage to look at the smartphone display when reading or typing a message to a social network at the same time, which is, according to insurers, completely unacceptable.

    Researchers are not amazed with statistics, because previous enquiries among the same age group have shown that 80 percent of respondents talk on a cell phone and send SMS while driving. So it is pretty natural that 10% use social networks.

    According to a current Norwegian legislation passed in the year 2000, it is prohibited to use a cell phone while driving if driver takes it in hand. But at the same time driver is allowed to touch the display or a keyboard of the phone which is set stationary inside the car. But from now on road police is going to impose a ban for such kind of cell phone use. There are some systematic difficulties in this process, but road police thinks that these changes go in the right direction.

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