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  • No more SMS typing while driving

    Sep 11, 2012, 09:11
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    Scientists found the way to prevent drivers from typing behind the wheel. Experts from the 10n2 Technologies company created a smartphone application that will not let drivers use their cell phones while driving.

    The program called OneProtect blocks an access to a smartphone's set of functions when it is in motion – the report about it will be passed to a device with the help of a GPS receiver. The speed at which blocking will be activated may be set manually.

    Trying to activate a cell phone, driver will face a special awareness test and will be asked to choose whether he is a driver or a passenger. In the first case the phone will be blocked and in second – the OneProtect system will request to pass the reaction and awareness test by combining with each other numbers appearing on the screen in a certain order. According to a developers' plan, it is not possible to accomplish this test while being behind the wheel.

    In case of an emergency even blocked phone will let its owner to call 911 or one of two previously saved numbers. Program settings (the maximum speed or the time of day to activate the application) can be changed remotely unknown to smartphone's owner. At the moment this program is available for smartphones powered by the Android operating system and Blackberry communicators. Windows Mobile and iOS versions are under development for now.

    Earlier on Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists stated that statutory bars for using cell phones while driving are ineffective. According to MIT experts, using of these gadgets at the wheel means that a driver is preconditioned to an irresponsible driving.

    However, distracted driving is a widely-spread cause of accidents. It was found out, that telephone conversations behind the wheel enhance a chance to have an accident by 2.8 times and texting – by 28 times.

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