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  • Owners of Infiniti are the most emotionally attached to their cars

    Sep 25, 2012, 10:22
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    Owners of Infiniti cars are the most emotionally attached to their cars persons among other cars' owners. Besides, according to New Media Metrics research, the most loyal to a particular trademark are iPod and iPhone users.

    Of more than 3,500 people who took part in a research, 59.5% rated luxury Nissan segment as 9 and 10 on a ten points scale, which is 25% better comparing to a last year's results. Second in the automotive manufacturers' list is Cadillac with 57.3% of highest ratings being sixth in the overall rating with 39.8%.

    The third automotive manufacturer by the rate of emotional attachment is BMW receiving highest ratings from 53.4% respondents. BMW is 13th in the overall rating with 4.3% increase comparing to a last year. Fourth and fifth in the list are Audi with 53.1% and Mercedes Benz (52.8%) respectively.

    Earlier in the USA were specified most loyal owners of the particular car class – it turned out that they are the owners of full-size pickups. Researchers also found out that American motorists, that sell their cars less than others, live in Connecticut. They sell their vehicles once in seven years at average.

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