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  • Quarter of Brits communicates in social networks while driving

    Oct 21, 2011, 11:50
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    Nearly 27% of British drivers communicate in social network Facebook by cell phones while driving a car, informs company OnePoll based on quiz of 2000 British drivers. Half of them confessed, they put cell phones in a car the way they could see it while driving. As one in five drivers said, every 15 minutes they check their cell phones including updates in social networks and microblogs.

    In a traffic jams or while stopping at red light, 15% of drivers write letters or make business calls and 21% make status updates in Facebook or Twitter.

    Although 75% respondents confessed they are afraid of fines for cell phone usage, 60% of them still continue using it while driving.

    As 2007 research in Great Britain showed, using cell phone while driving, risk to get into an accident is four times more probable. At the moment it is forbidden in Great Britain to use cell phone while driving. Fine for such violation is 60 pounds. In case of further violation court has a right to increase amount of fine up to 1000 pounds for passenger car drivers and up to 2500 pounds for bus and truck drivers.

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