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  • Rating of most expensive and cheap cities for foreigners

    Jun 14, 2012, 13:46
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    According to a recent rating of most expensive cities for foreigners to live in made by Mercer company, the first place in it is taken by Tokyo. It is followed by Luanda – the capital of Angola and the leader of the last year; the city of Osaka, Moscow (the priciest city in Europe) and Geneva in the top 5.

    There are such cities as Singapore, Zurich and Hong Kong in the top ten as well.

    Due to an economic crisis in the euro zone, a cost of living in the most popular European cities has dropped. In such countries as Greece, Italy and Spain, that were seriously affected by the unstable economic situation in the region, rent of houses and apartments has significantly dropped. That way, Paris is ten positions lower than last year (37th place), Rome – 42nd (eight places lower) and London, being on the 18th place last year, now stands 25th.

    The cheapest city in Europe became Skopje in Macedonia. The last city in the list is Karachi in south Pakistan, where foreigner's expenses will be three times lower than in Tokyo. The cost of living in United States is much lower than in Europe. The only city in top-50 representing US is New York – 33rd place.

    Making this rating, researchers compared the cost of apartments, transport, food, clothes, household goods and entertainment in 214 cities on five continents. For the reference points was taken cost of set of product in New York.

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