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  • The rating of US most and least reliable cars

    Oct 31, 2013, 07:27
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    The research is made based on the information provided by magazine readers about their own cars. There was taken into account breakdown statistics in three last years, however, if the car was restyled, only its last year of exploitation was considered. Magazine gathered information on 1.1 million vehicles since 2004.

    The list of cars has been made taking into account how enduring the car is to failures by 17 most common kinds of breakdowns. These are: engine problems, transmission, ignition, brakes, as well as failure of different electronic backup systems and climate control system. As a result, first in this list became Ford C-Max Energi – Plug-in hybrid vehicle.

    Top 10 least reliable cars

    1. Ford C-MAX Energi (Plug-in Hybrid)
    2. Ford Escape (1.6L Ecoboost)
    3. Mini Cooper Countryman
    4. Ford C-Max Hybrid
    5. Nissan Pathfinder
    6. Volkswagen Beetle
    7. Cadillac XTS
    8. Ford Explorer (V6, 4WD)
    9. Hyundai Genesis Coupe
    10. Ford Taurus (turbo)

    According to experts, those cars with good riding qualities, high comfort level and other positive characteristics, are not necessarily reliable afterwards. Consumer Reports made the rating of most reliable car models as well. Seven companies represented in the Top 10 are based in Japan. There are also two European carmakers in the list – Volvo and Audi, and the only US representative is GMC.

    Top 10 most reliable cars

    1. Lexus
    2. Toyota
    3. Acura
    4. Audi
    5. Mazda
    6. Infiniti
    7. Volvo
    8. Honda
    9. GMC
    10. Subaru

    At year-end 2012, the most reliable were considered Japanese brands as well. Scion, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda and Subaru brands took places from 1 to 5 in Top 10 respectively.

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