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  • Renault asks Internet users for advice

    May 24, 2013, 12:51
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    Renault asked Internet users to decide whether a new model of a car should be added to a model range or not. In fact, the one who came up with this idea, was one of Renault official Facebook page visitors, who posted there his self-made sketch.

    At the moment, Renault provides the idea of ecological transport by virtue of Zoe electric car fitted with 95 hp electric engine and lithium-ion battery. The official driving range of this car on a single charge is 150 km when it is warm outside and 100 km when it is cold.

    One of Renault fans from Spain offered to release the Zoe modification meant for the warm climate alone. He posted on a Facebook page, dedicated to Renault electric cars, a sketch of Zoe cabrio with folding fabric hood and four seats. Considering that this sketch is fully canvassed, it provoked opinions that this is how serial Zoe cabrio could look like.

    But Renault decided to estimate public response before starting to seriously to think over an idea of cabrio development. It is worth noting that most of opinions, collected by the author of a sketch, are positive.

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