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  • Renault will launch its premium brand in 25 years

    Jul 13, 2012, 14:20
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    According to Renault company representatives, its premium brand, that may be named Initiale Paris in case it will be launched, will need 25 years to become a commercially successful project.

    Renault already used Initiale Paris name for special modifications of its models and concept cars, but if they plan to make it a distinct brand, then they will have to produce something special to attract those customers, who buy cars because of their design and visual appeal.

    Renault considers a possibility to use Mercedes-Benz aggregates for its premium brand's models. Car manufacturer from France has access to it thanks to an alliance with Daimler, set up in mid 2010. If this projects gets a ticket to ride, then first Initiale Paris model will not appear until 2015.

    Renault first thought of launching a premium brand in this year's May, and before that were about to concentrate on cars with a higher added value. For example, Laguna and Espace models were planned to replace with a higher class cars.

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