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  • Scientists developed a Robot car

    Oct 12, 2011, 11:50
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    Scientists at Oxford University run trials of recently developed vehicle, named Robot car. Its main goal is to help drivers avoid traffic jams. Robot cars are able to monitor the road situation, alert each other about hold-ups and they don't need human help for that – they are operated by “drone” technology and lasers.

    Experimental Robot car is based on diesel SUV Wildcat and cost its developers 2 million pounds. Robot car is able to drive asphalt and cross-country without driver. It “watches” the world through laser distance measuring equipment, digital camcorders, pivotal 3D-scanners on the roof and massive computer in a car, which analyzes situation on the road and makes decision about traffic rerouting and speed limit. Robot car is not afraid of hollow spots, pedestrians and traffic jams – it successfully comes around all the obstacles.

    Scientists believe, their invention in the future could reduce amount of traffic jams and accidents. As latest tests show, eventually robot-cars could replace driver and drive from A to B self-directed. Scientists say, that such cars could appear on the roads in 15 years.

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