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  • Speed limit in London may be cut to 20 mph

    Jun 12, 2013, 10:43
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    By the end of the decade the speed limit on the most of London roads may be cut to 20 mph. According to the authorities, it will enhance road safety, improve living standards of Londoners and, of course, will please pedestrians and cyclists.

    Specialists believe, that implementation of this speed limit up to the year 2020 is not unrealistic. As they say, the law of 20 mph should become as much easily understandable as a no smoking in a public place rule.

    Islington became the first London neighbourhood where the “20 mph rule” came into effect. Other districts of London carry out consultations for residents on this matter at the time.

    However opinions of the car owners divided. Some of them vote for this speed limit while the rest of them speak out against it. Their main counterargument lies in the fact that 20 mph is a simply awfully low speed for the capital of the UK and life in the city will be nearly stopped because of this.

    The list of roads falling within the scope of the new rule, will be announced closer to the end of June.

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