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  • Subaru unveiled next generation of Forester

    Nov 02, 2012, 09:58
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    Subaru spread first official photos and information on fourth generation Forester SUV. The car is going to make its debut at The Los Angeles Auto Show and will hit the Japanese market in mid-November.

    The size of the body of a new Forester and its wheelbase were increased but not significantly. The interior room of the car will unlikely be enlarged, even though Subaru representatives state that back seat space and trunk were increased.

    The car will be provided in Japan with two 2.0L boxer gasoline engines: atmospheric and turbocharged. First of them develops 148 hp and is unitized with a six speed manual transmission and second develops 280 hp and is aggregated with continuously variable transmission.

    As for North American version, it is fitted with atmospheric 170 hp 2.5L engine which is possible to aggregate with manual or continuously variable transmissions and a new turbocharged 2.0L engine which is unitized only with CVT. As a bonus to this engine company is going to provide 18 inch wheel disks.

    Information on European motor range is not known yet. It is quite possible that soon will be introduced STi-version of the SUV.

    The fourth generation Forester is fitted with a multimedia system which is possible to connect to a smartphone, premium Harman Kardon audio system, rear view camera and navigation.

    It is not known yet when new Subaru SUV hits the US market but according to Subaru the date will be announced in Los Angeles on the 30th of November. It is quite possibly that the date when it appears on the European market will be announced there as well.

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