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  • Toyota starts testing communicating cars

    Nov 16, 2012, 09:04
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    Toyota started testing a safety system that gives cars an opportunity to communicate between each other and with infrastructure facilities.

    According to Toyota representatives, the number of accidents that happen because a driver did not stop his car at a spot light, did not notice another car in a blind area or a pedestrian stepping across the street, thanks to a new system will be cut down. The cars are able to convey information about the road situation to each other and electronics warns a driver about an emergency on the route.

    At the moment new Toyota system warns a driver about the pedestrians with an audio alarm and corresponding image on the dashboard screen. On the crossroads electronics warns a driver with an indicator on a display, imaging the driving direction of an approaching cars which a driver is not able to see. In case a driver ignores the stoplight, electronic female voice reminds about this as well.

    Toyota is currently testing communication system on a special testing area but tests on the open roads will start in 2014. Such automobile manufacturers as General Motors and Ford are currently working on similar systems as well. Besides, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo and Cadillac are going to introduce autopilot systems for their cars soon.

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