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  • Traffic rules in Europe become tougher

    Apr 03, 2012, 09:36
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    According to the ADAC – largest automobile club in Germany and Europe – almost in every European Union country are broaden efforts against traffic offenses.

    Long-term goal of these efforts is to cut number of road crash victims in Europe by half till 2020.

    The most serious offense in European countries is a drunk driving. For example, in Denmark fine for 0.5 per mille of alcohol equals one monthly salary, but in Sweden and Spain drunk drivers can go to prison. In Italy for 1.5 per mille vehicle will be confiscated and sold at the auction.

    Speeding fines were also increased. Fine for 20 km/h speeding in Netherlands is 155, for 50 km/h – € 510. Same offense in France is fined with € 1,500 and largest fines are in Austria, where they come up to € 2,180. Tough efforts are made in Switzerland as well, where even smallest speeding is fined.

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