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  • An unusual reason made Italian drivers become more careful

    Jul 05, 2012, 13:30
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    Drivers in Italy became more careful recently because of the... financial crisis. Trying to save fuel, they drive their cars as much carefully as possible.

    According to a research of the Direct Line insurance company, one in two Italian motorists covers 5,000 km per year at most. 63% of respondents keep a constant speed all over the trip due to an economy reasons.

    Almost half of Italian drivers shifts gears on time in order to avoid the sudden raise of engine rpm speed. About the same number of them does not use an air conditioner in a car and prefers to drive with open windows.

    About third part of Italians cuts off the engine while staying in a traffic jam or while waiting for the green traffic light. 23% of drivers admit that if one liter of fuel will cost more than 2, they will have to give up on the idea of driving a car.

    By the way, one in five Italians has already changed the private car for the public transport and 8% of them are ready to sell their cars in the near future.

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