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  • USA car market is back on pre-crisis level

    Nov 02, 2011, 11:50
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    In October in USA have been sold 1,02 million new cars, which is 7.5% better, than in October 2010. The main sales leaders were American and European car manufacturers.

    First of all worth noting is Chrysler, which sales grew up 27%. Another members of Detroit trio progress is more moderate: Ford +6% and General Motors +2%, which is lower, than analysts expected.

    Majority of European and Korean brands demonstrated double-digit increment rate: Audi +26%, BMW +17%, Hyundai +23%.

    Among Japanese car manufacturers only Nissan could increase its sales rate. Toyota sales rate in October is 8% lower, Honda – 1% lower.

    Analysts note, than last month was the best October for American car market from pre-crisis October 2007.

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