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  • USA drivers vote for the number of car electronic systems increasing

    Aug 31, 2012, 10:09
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    Most of USA drivers voted for a wider use of new electronic safety systems for cars. The survey was conducted among drivers older than 18 years by the company Penn Schoen Berland by order of Ford.

    As a result, nine of ten interrogated drivers expressed a wish to fit their cars with a system able to automatically slow down the car in case of a crash risk. Two-thirds of Americans would like to get function that will give them a wider view during parking.

    USA drivers expressed interest in a system able to keep track of a road marking and inform a driver in case he left the pathway. They are also not against if it could automatically return them to a required pathway – eight of ten respondents voted for this function.

    According to survey, Americans consider themselves to be careful and watchful drivers, despite three-quarters of respondents admit they eat and drink while driving and half of them exceed speed limit and talk on the phone behind the wheel. 83% of drivers admit they or their friends had been behind the wheel in exhausted condition.

    American researchers published another several works in August, for example, they managed to find out that taboo to talk on the phone while driving is ineffective because those drivers who do it are initially inclined to irresponsible driving.

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