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  • Vehicles will have to “drop voice”

    Dec 27, 2012, 11:29
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    The European Union is going to lead automobile manufacturers make their vehicles not only more eco-friendly, but more quiet as well. According to preliminary information, the level of noise produced by cars on-the-run, should be cut down at least twofold up to 2020.

    There are some noise level restrictions already in effect in the EU, but according to latest initiatives, the effort for cutting down the noise load should move to a new level. The actual proposed law says that there would be no exceptions for any type of vehicle: the level of noise should be cut down as for common passenger cars, as for SUVs, and even sports cars should “drop voice” despite engine noise is one of their trademarks. It is noteworthy that the project was approved with an advantage of only one vote.

    The final voting will take place in next year's March but even if law will be passed, the EU will need some time to start its realization. At the same time, according to experts, it would be more logically to start level of noise regulation with motor cycles, which generally are much more noisy.

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