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  • Volkswagen introduces the electric postal van

    Nov 28, 2011, 11:50
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    The concept is focused exclusively on the delivery of mail and other items - in the process of its development engineers worked closely with the postal service in Germany, which, moreover, is one of the largest corporate consumers of light commercial vehicles. For the convenience for postmen, the car received the original van sliding door, which has two degrees of "openness", providing access only to the passenger seat, or moreover to the separate part with cargo. Above the rear doors a special tent can be extended to protect the mail from rain or snow. In addition, the van is equipped with a cargo compartment with an entire system of orderly storage of items.

    Volkswagen eT! received four electric engines, mounted in the wheels, and the so-called Drive Stick – the stick that allows you to control the vehicle from a passenger place. In addition, in the semi-automatic mode eT! can move independently behind the mailman, who carries the mail, and perform some commands like "follow me" or "towards me".
    According to Rudolf Krebs, who is responsible for the development of electric cars in Volkswagen, they don’t plan to make a mass-produce of eT!, as it was done with electric versions of Golf or up!. However, the concept is a demonstration of what the world of commercial vehicles can turn in the second half of the decade.  

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