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  • Volvo introduced airbag for pedestrians

    Mar 12, 2012, 14:20
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    In order to make its vehicles even more safe, Volvo fitted its new V40 hatchback with external airbag between the hood and wind screen, which in case of an accident distends and protects pedestrians from being hurt.

    This airbag is a part of Pedestrian Detection system which is able to fix the pedestrian in front of the car or near it. In case driver does not reacts on pedestrian's presence on the road, Volvo automatically alerts him and activates brakes. Swedish system City Safety works by the same scheme.

    Pedestrian Detection consists of the sensor located at the radiator enclosure, camera on the wind screen behind the rear view mirror and computer, which analyzes received data. Sensor determines, if there is an obstacle on the way, whether it is a pedestrian or a car, as well as distance to it. Camera in its turn determines which object locates in front of Volvo – pedestrian or a car. Besides, computer is able to calculate the pedestrian's motion trajectory. System recognizes pedestrians 2.6 ft tall and more.

    In case of an accident, driver receives sound and visual warning at first. If collision is inevitable, system activates brakes, trying to completely stop the car. But it is only possible at the speed of no more than 35 km/h. If the speed is higher, then system's task is slow down the car as much as possible.

    In order to protect pedestrian even more, Volvo built in first ever airbag for pedestrians, which activates if collision has happened. Sensor fixes body contact with a pedestrian, top of the hood goes up and at the same time airbag ejects, covering approximately third part of the wind screen and windscreen pillars. In that way the hood and airbag manage to lower severity of knocked down pedestrian's injuries.

    By the way, new Volvo V40 City Safety system was upgraded and now it is able to stop the car completely at the speed up to 50 km/h.

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