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  • VW launches extremely fuel-efficient hybrid XL1 in a serial production

    Feb 25, 2013, 11:42
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    Volkswagen officially announced launching of the serial version of its extremely fuel-efficient carbonic hybrid car XL1.

    According to its technical data it may be said the world record-breaker by the several characteristics at once. The new car will make its debut at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 2013.

    As Volkswagen representatives state, XL1 is the most streamline production car in the world. Its aerodynamic drag coefficient (0.189) is being called the best in the world. Besides, this is the world's most fuel-efficient production car with a fuel consumption rate of just 0.9 L/100 km. It covers in a completely electrical mode the part of a distance 50 km in length, but thanks to a diesel engine and 10L fuel tank, rolling distance increases by 10 times.

    XL1's power plant consists of two-cylinder 0.8L diesel engine and electric motor with a capacity of 47hp and 27hp respectively, seven-speed DSG gearbox with two clutches and a set of 5.5 kWh lithium ion batteries.

    It is noteworthy, that despite its supreme fuel-efficiency, XL1 is fast-moving enough as well, accelerating to the speed of 100 kph in 12.7 seconds, while its maximum speed is limited by electronics at 160 kph. Thanks to a low center of gravity and compact size, roadability of the car is sportive as well.

    The total weight of XL1 is about 795 kilos and it is fitted with butterfly doors, aluminum mounting with carbonic subframes, ceramic brakes and magnesium wheel disks.

    It is known that the first part of production Volkswagen XL1 is going to consist of 50 hand assembling cars. The price of a new car is not known yet. After the first part is launched, the company is going to continue manufacturing these cars only by the special order.

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