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  • What attracts men's and women's attention behind the wheel

    Sep 24, 2012, 09:45
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    According to a research conducted by American scientists, men a lot better identify cars and motorcycles and women in their turn – animals and birds.

    Scientists tried to find out, whether people's attention depends on their gender and how it affects everyday tasks including driving. 102 men and 121 women 23 years at average age took part in this research.

    At the first stage of experiment they looked at the images of cars and motorcycles, different kinds of animals and birds on the computer screen. Then they were supposed to look at three images at once, two of which were new and one they've already seen. Participants were asked to identify the image which they saw earlier.

    The results showed that men remember and identify cars and motorcycles more and women – animals and birds. Scientists think, that these differences are caused by the current behavioristic characteristics, according to which men and women were supposed to focus on different areas of life for a long time. They state, that men and women identify human faces well because it is necessary for successful social interaction. And when it comes to other objects, the difference in perception strongly differs depending on gender.

    While working on this research for two years, scientists came to a conclusion that men and women use the same inner workings to identify objects, however they are interested in different categories.

    In fact, another research, conducted earlier in Australia, showed that most aggressive and careless drivers are women at the age from 18 to 24 years driving small cars.

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