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  • Where do best and worse drivers in Europe live

    Aug 16, 2012, 11:04
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    According to a research conducted in European countries, 30,000 respondents admit Italian drivers as the most undisciplined in Europe.

    It looks like the south temperament of Mediterranean residents affects local drivers' driving habits making it more aggressive and their attitude to the following of traffic rules. As a result, 23% of respondents called Italians the most reckless. It is noteworthy, that in 2010 Italians were also at the top of the list.

    They are followed by the Greek drivers: 15.6% of respondents consider they neglect the traffic rules and according to 14% the worse drivers in Europe live in Poland. However, European respondents consider the most careful and law-abiding are drivers from France and Germany.

    The most interesting thing is that 28% of Italian respondents fairly admit that their drivers' behavior on the road is far from appropriate. The same thing is about Greeks – 36% respondents from Greece believe they should be at the top of the list of the worse drivers in Europe.

    So when you rent a car in Italy or any other country do not forget to find out more about the specifics of the local road traffic.

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