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  • Where do happiest people in the world live

    Sep 09, 2013, 09:25
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    The United Nations has made a list of happiest countries in the world following the results of the years 2010-2012. And according to the statistics, happiest people in the world live in Northern Europe.

    There are 156 countries in the list overall. Denmark is first in the list followed by Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden. The rating was compiled by experts in economics, mental science statistics and other types of scientific knowledge. Researchers used the results of surveys conducted in 2010-2012 timeframe.

    It is not just wealth that makes people happy: the list was made based on such criteria as political liberty, social safety net and level of corruption. There had also been taken into account such indexes as per capita GDP, healthy life expectancy, social confidence level, freedom of choice and generousness.

    Compared to the results of previous rating, the most significant fall has made Finland: from the 3rd place to 7th. There are also such countries in the Top 10 as Canada, Austria, Iceland and Australia. USA and New Zealand did not manage to hit the Top 10 being in the second dozen.

    Several European countries ended up in the second hundred of the list, including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Macedonia. Just like last year, there are African countries at the end of the list and the least happy people live in Togo, Benin and Central African Republic.

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