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  • Where in France live most polite drivers

    Feb 22, 2012, 11:03
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    Recent research of Auto Plus magazine showed, where in France live most polite and most rude drivers. To figure it out, one of magazine's journalists got behind a wheel and went for a ride in 10 large cities of France, modeling standard road situations. As a result, he made a list of most polite and most rude drivers in France.

    As it turned out, the most polite drivers live in Lille. Exactly in this city they respect pedestrians the most, even if they cross the road not through a crosswalk. But drivers in Lille also apply the brakes before the crosswalk and make way for the person, that crosses by. Also drivers in Lille are the most patient: they don't start to lose temper and beep, if a car in front of them reacts on the green traffic light signal too slow. And finally, exactly in the capital of Flandria driver gives way to a car from another traffic lane without trying to cut it off.

    Speaking of parking, in a most skilful way park their cars drivers in Clermont-Ferrand and most often use blinkers drivers in Toulouse (91%). Exactly thanks to this Toulouse stays second in the list.

    As for the most rude drivers, in Nice pedestrians have less respect at the crosswalks than in any other city. In Paris, Marseille and Nice drivers carry themselves in a most impatient way, when they wait for the green traffic light signal. Also in these cities drivers more often forget to use blinkers.

    Full list of most polite and most rude drivers looks like this:

    1. 1. Lille

    2. 2. Toulouse

    3. 3. Bordeaux

    4. 4. Clermont-Ferrand

    5. 5. Strasbourg

    6. 6. Nantes

    7. 7. Lyon

    8. 8. Nice

    9. 9. Marseille

    10. 10. Paris

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